This is a guide how to register to Multibuy World as affiliate.

When you receive a link from other affiliate simply click on the link. When clicked you will automatically redirected to registration page on

registration form

If your sponsor give you the correct link the id should automatically populate on the under “Your Sponsor ID”. double check that the ID match your sponsor ID.

Fill in the form with the correct information. Make sure all the information is correct. When you need to verify your account you need to upload a picture of your government issued id as K.Y.C (Know Your Customer). Make sure you insert your date of birth in the same format as it appears in the box.

The company will be sending you VAT invoice. To avoid that check the box next to “Tax Number” and enter either your National Insurance Number or your date of birth as 8 digit in the box underneath it.

If you have a company and you want to have company corporate account you can insert all the company information number. To enable that you have to check the box next to the “Company Data” and fill the all the box with your company data.

Finally Check the box next to “I agree to Multibuy World’s Website Term of use, Privacy policy, Note of Risk and to receive email”. Make sure read all this documents.

Important: company will send an email to confirm your account. Must email provider send the email to Junk, Spam folder. This is what you have to do to access the email: